Client cases



Some example client cases are described below.


Interim Manager Service Delivery

The manager of a service delivery team critical for a telecom client resigned and the client needed an interim solution while recruiting his replacement. An Addverdi consultant was assigned to manage a team of eleven network technicians responsible for service provisioning and activation. The assignment included besides line management and operational responsibility for the team the responsibility to manage the operational relationship with the client’s most important sub-contractor as well as performing an analysis of how to improve the efficiency of the group with the aim to reduce delivery lead times.

Project Manager service and process improvement project

A telecom operator needed to extend a service offering in order to meet new market conditions and as a consequence the delivery and the sub-supplier certification processes need to be changed. A senior consultant was assigned to manage the project. The project included process analysis, development and implementation, analysis of organizational impact, updates to IT support systems, test and implementation of the new processes in the organization. The project was successfully completed in record time and allows the client to maintain a competitive service offering.

Business process development and implementation

A telecom operator needed to develop service delivery processes for new services. An Addverdi consultant was assigned to analyze, develop and implement end-to-end processes spanning from customer order to service provisioning and billing. The assignment included analyzing work tasks and flows, analyze organizational impact, develop and document processes, prepare requirements on IT support systems, test and implement the processes in the organization. The work has resulted in eight new services being launched by the client.

Review of project methodologies and organization

A client experienced challenges in completing service development projects. It was unclear if this was merely due to lack of resources or if operational aspect caused the delays. A senior consultant was assigned to analyze the situation. Recommendations on organizational changes and improvements in project governance and methodology which can reduce investments and shorten time-to-market (TTM) for new services were presented. The client has as a result improved the project completion ratio.

Development of a business strategy for profitability and growth

A IT company operating in the Nordics had been unprofitable for a number of years. AddVerdi was assigned to review the strategic direction and provide advice on how to secure future profitability and growth. The analysis that was performed indentified two strategic options in addition to the current strategy. The options were evaluated from an external customer and market, an internal capability, a competitive as well as a financial perspective. The evaluation showed that market extension into Western Europe which would require the core product to be developed and the business model to be changed would generated the highest shareholder value. The evaluation also showed that a “do nothing” alternative would be a viable low risk alternative. The advice to the company was to consider the alternative that had the best match with the risk and funding willingness of the owners.

Market analysis

A Nordic consultancy company wanted to grow its business in selected geographical markets. A market analysis was performed that pinpointed potential new customers and an individual sales pitch for each prospect was created. As a result, the value of the sales pipeline has grown and sales to new customers is expected.

Interim VP Product Management

A Nordic IT support system (OSS/BSS) supplier was facing an opportunity to grow its business from the Nordics into Western Europe. The appointed consultant was responsible for the establishment of a product management organization. The aim of the organizational change was to make the product development market oriented and secure a successful market expansion. The assignment included establishment of the organization and processes, defining a product strategy, updating pricing and packaging, development of documentation, sales tools, marketing material, etc. The organization and the most critical sales tools and materials were quickly established which allowed the company to start executing on the growth strategy.

Project Manager service implementation project

A Swedish telecom operator lacked project management resources to complete a DSL service implementation project that was considered critical to maintain market share and a competitive portfolio. The project included activities such as specification of technical solution, preparation of all processes in the value chain (for example sales, delivery, customer support processes, maintenance) and their IT systems, a customer pilot and staff training. The service has been successfully launched.

Value proposition and product marketing material

A global system supplier needed to update the marketing message for a new strategic product. A new refined value proposition based on technical and commercial differentiators was developed and documented in new product marketing material. The marketing material has been very well received within the global organization and has positively contributed to a successful launch of the product.

Product portfolio business case

A global system supplier wanted to control and maximize its return of future R&D investments in a combined acquired and existing product portfolio. A portfolio business case was created to show and compare the contribution of the different products. The business case was used by the executive management to decide how to allocate the investments in the portfolio.

Product strategy and business plan

The head of product management for a product line had to justify the investment in his products for the business unit management. A business plan including topics such as market analysis, competition analysis, SWOT, product strategy and roadmap, investment business case, risk analysis and action plan was developed. The investment was approved.

Process development and operational support to line manager

A global system supplier wanted to secure collection, qualification and allocation of market requirements for a new product line where an agile development process had just been introduced. The appointed consultant reviewed and updated the existing requirement handling process to fit the new development methodology and was then appointed to manage the new process during its establishment.  The process is now operational and used by the product line as part of the daily roadmap development. The assignment also included supporting the line manager in management and coaching of his team. The support to the manager resulted in strengthened team spirit.

Program Manager customer delivery program

The Swedish software company needed a senior resource to manage a business critical delivery to an US telecom operator. The appointed program manager reported to the CEO and managed all parts of the program including contractual fulfillment of the delivery.  The program involved a large part of the organization and had direct dependencies to the US channel partners delivery program. The program was successfully completed.






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